Saddlemaker Insights

Competitive Riders

Bob Trezona on Feb 7th 2020

Competitive RidersFrom BobI've been building saddles for 36 years now and I was a farrier for 10 years before that. I have learned many things about customers, horses and mules in both of my profes … read more

Do I Make Mule Saddles -- Part Three

Bob Trezona on May 31st 2019

Well, it's another day, but almost quitting time. It seems that is the only time that I can find the time to write. I've had some really nice comments about my writing style and how much they enjoy … read more

Do I Make Mule Saddles -- Part Two

Bob Trezona on Apr 30th 2019

Photo courtesy of Robin Morris and Beau the Mule. She has been awarded several awards on the National Level for riding the most documented miles on her mule.Well, after seeing that the tree in … read more

Do I Make Mule Saddles -- Part One

Bob Trezona on Apr 2nd 2019

Over the past 35 years, I have been asked that question quite a few times. Back in the beginning, I just said “I sure do” and we went from there. After building 100's of saddles and quite a few&nbs … read more

Part 4 of Old Dogs and Your New Saddle

Bob Trezona on Mar 18th 2019

Well what do you say about finishing this story so we can move on to a different topic, hopefully one that isn't so long. I think I have covered a lot of the problems that the average rider can avo … read more