Ms. Julie's Blog


This is my very first blog post and I'm dedicating it to my customers. Bitterroot Saddle Co. online store is the definition of a small business, I'm sitting here in my tiny 'office/inventory/shipping department'  located just off my kitchen. The view out my window is mostly big pine trees against a deep blue Montana sky, if I stand up I can usually locate my little pinto gelding going about his business often accompanied by his black and white bunny who is convinced she's a horse. It's a good place to be. Most often it's a mistake to think that anything in the "horse business" is going to make a lot of money, that's not often the case, if you persist you do it because you love it. I've loved it since I was old enough to figure out what a horse was and that was a long time ago. I've learned to ride horses in several different styles from kid lessons to show ring to ranch to back country, I've trained, fed, cleaned, cared for and buried horses. I realized awhile back that horses have been the most significant and consistent force in my life. Some people might find that a bit hard to understand, shouldn't the central focus of a person's life be more human centered or geared to a lasting accomplishment? There definitely are those elements in my life, my son first and foremost, my extended family and my friends are of great importance but the horse was always  the underlying dream, the song that carried my life.  Julie Trezona, store manager.