Bob Answers Our Most Often Asked Questions

(Not in any particular order)

1.  What thickness saddle pad should I buy?

7/8″ is the most popular thickness that we sell. It works best for all around use from trail riding to light/medium roping.

2.  What length lead rope do you suggest I use?

12 foot is the most popular length. It gives you enough length to work your horse in a round pen, pllus it gives you enough rope to tie up to trees if you are trail riding but not so much that it is hard to handle.

3.  What Double Diamond rope halter do you suggest?

We like the #124 Series halters by Double Diamond becuase of its softness. If you are working a horse from the ground or riding in a halter the horse gets an instant release of pressure when you want him to have it.

4.  Of the Jeremiah Watt (JWP) snaffles, which do you prefer, the blued or the stainless eggbutt?

A lot of folks believe the blued seet iron keeps a hores’ mouth moister than the stainesss. The stainless does have copper strips on the mouht piece just like the blued one. We sell about 3 of the blued to 1 of the stainless, but that could be because they are $30 less.

5.  Do any of the JWP snaffles com e in a larger size that 5 inches?

Yes!  Only the blued eggbutt and the stainless eggbutt are 5 inches.  All the rest come in 5 1/4″.

6.  Is it necessary to cary a $46.00 custom made hoof pick when you are trail riding?

Yes! Several years back I was riding in a rocky area and picked up a sharp rock that wedged inside the shoe on my horse’s right front. I noticed it after he took about 3 steps so I stopped and got a cheap hoof pick out of my saddle bags. The cheap hoof pick was poorly designed and was made for cleaning dirt out of a horse’s foot. I was a professional Ferrier for 10 years and I could not pry the rock loose the the cheap hoof pick. To make a long story short, I lead my horse back tot he trailer which was about 3 1/2 miles away, down hill and by the time I got there he was hopping on 3 legs. When I got hime home I got a good hoof pick out of my shoeing box and with a little bit of work I was finally able to get the rock out.  He was stone bruiesed real bad and of course he got a severe absess. The vet had to carve through his sole to relieve it.  As it turned out is was 2 1/2 to 3 months before he was sound to ride again and it could have all been avoided if I would have had a properly designed, strong, hoof pick.

7. What mouth pieces on the JWP Arena Classic Bits come with a roller or cricket. 

The #5 Mona Lisa, #16, San Joaquin, #17 Half Breed, #19 Salinas Hooded Port, #21 El Segundo and all of the spade mouth pieces.

21.  I accidently put too many items into my shopping cart. How do I remove them?

When you first place something into your cart, a pop-up window will appear.  At this point you will be able to edit or remove items by clicking on the words ‘View or Edit Your Cart.’

Or, you can go to the top right-hand side of the website and click on ‘View Cart.’  This will take you to your shopping cart where you can change quantities or click on the ‘x’ to completely remove an item.