“A finely designed and crafted saddle has the unique ability to allow two living beings – horse and rider – to work together.”  –Bob Trezona

The mission of Bitterroot Saddle Co. is to provide the best quality western saddles and tack to compliment the practice of Natural Horsemanship.

Bob Trezona, the founder of the Bitterroot Saddle Company, was fortunate enough to learn the traditions of the Natural Horsemanship movement from its founding fathers. He has great admiration and respect for the Dorrance and Wade ranching families, and was honored to ride in their shadows. As a skilled craftsman who understands the “why of saddle making”, Bob uses this knowledge to choose the best possible materials. Every Bitterroot saddle he builds offer riders a closer and safer riding experience.

The products you will find in our online store have been personally hand made or hand selected by Bob. His lifetime knowledge of the horse and rider has allowed him to seek out only the best products and offer them at the absolute best prices.

If you are looking for the best saddle pad on the market please check out 5 Star Saddle Pads. To make your search easier we have listed our top selling pads as well as a few of our top sellers in our store. If you have questions before placing an order please call Julie at the shop 406-360-9484.

“With the new saddle Bob made for me, the contact I have with the horse is so amazing that it really has improved the feel I have with my mare through the trot, long trot and lope gates as well as just walking along and asking for a slow or fast walk. I put the reins over the horn the other day and roped “things” as we rode along and all control of the horse was with legs and body position, left, right, forward and reverse! What a deal for this 72 year young guy.”
~ Ron Wagner

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