Wool Shims By 5 Star Equine

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7"x7" 1/4" thick, 100% wool felt connected by two leather straps, Velcro patches adhere to wool 5 Star pad. Dark gray only.

In most cases, when using a 100% Pure wool 5Star pad, shims are not needed as the wool offers 8 pounds of pressure absorption per square inch. HOWEVER, in extreme back situations or when faced with a very difficult saddle fitting, sometimes a shim can make the difference. Situation #1- a high, narrow withered horse with a gullet that's too wide. Situation #2- a horse with a very curvy back and a saddle with flat bars that cause the saddle to bridge. Situation #3- a horse with an elevated backbone that becomes sore in spots that make contact with the underside of the saddle. Please note: we are not suggesting that this is a fix for a poor fitting saddle, shims should only be considered when all else has failed.

1/2" and 3/4" available special order - Call Julie at 406-360-9484 to order.