Performer Western Saddle Pad 32"W x 32"L

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Thickness 1/2" & 1 1/8" available only in Natural and Black
Thicknesses 3/4" and 1" available in all colors except Pink and Purple.
Thicknesses 3/4" and 7/8"available in all colors including Pink and Purple.

The Performer Full Skirt Western Saddle Pad works very well for riders who have a larger skirted saddle.  We recommend this pad to Ropers, Cutters, Reiners, and Trail Riders. The Performer saddle pad is made of 100% pure Virigin wool felt which keeps your horse cool and comfortable as it wicks away moisture. 

5 Star designed this pad with a slightly rounded back corner to give your horse’s hip more room. The pad is great for high withered horses and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. High performance pad.

The Performer 5 Star Saddle Pad:

  • measures 32” long by 32” wide (behind the gullet hole), making it appropriate for saddles whose skirts are between 28” and 30” long, nose-to-tail
  • Provides pressure point relief, even heat and weight distribution, and absorbs impact
  • Crafted with  100% pure, thick wool (90% virgin) felt which quickly wicks away moisture, and cleans up easily
  • Full-length wear leathers available which provide protection and durability
  • Features gullet-hole airflow cooling to help prevent soreness and lameness

For more custom options, please call Julie-(406)360-9484  

Helpful Tip: Regarding pad thicknesses: the 1/2” pad does not give a horse enough protection by itself. The 1/2” pad should be used with a decorative blanket over it. Otherwise, we suggest using the 3/4” or the 7/8” pad for daily riding.