Double Diamond

fancydoublediamondlogomaroon.gifWhat's so great about Double Diamond Halters? The Double Diamond Rope Halter is made from a material mix that gives the horseman greater control and response. The rope halters provides the horse with a better feel of what the handler is asking. Also, there is no hardware to rust, break or eyelets to rip. There is better feel and response from the horse, and that’s because the halter fits around the back of the jaw, rather than flat against it like a nylon halter. Horses still have to be taught to properly yield to pressure, but they’re more sensitive to a rope halter

The knot on the end of the tail allows you to slip the halter over the horse's head without untying the halter. Rope Halters are one continuous piece of strong rope with knots. The rope, ends up being doubled when completed, which makes it very strong. With no snaps or buckles to break or get caught on things, the rope halter is a great resource for tying and working a horse securely.

Notably used by: Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Mike Beers , Sharon Camarillo and Greg Eliel.