Get Down Rope 1/4" DD 4091

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These get down ropes are made from our 1/4″ solid braid poly rope in a 12′ or 14′ lengths. They have a pineapple knot with a horsehair tassel on one end and a popper on the other.  Available in color series #500.

Get-down ropes are necessary for anyone who needs to dismount and lead or tie their horse safely and without incident. They allow you the opportunity to dismount without having to carry a lead rope and halter. You should never lead your horse by the reins because that would bump the bit against the roof of the horse’s mouth, causing pain and damage. The Get Down rope is tied around your horse’s neck at the top of the neck using a bowline knot under its cheeks. It’s tied with a little bit of slack so it’s comfortable on your horse but not so much slack that it slides on the neck. A bowline knot should always be used to make sure the rope never tightens.

Attention: This is a special order item that will be dropshipped directly from Double Diamond. At this time it will take about 6 to 10 days to be shipped, and then will be shipped via USPS Priority mail which will take another 2 days.