Treeless Saddle Pad - Split Back / No Gullet Hole 38"W x 27.5"L

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The Treeless 5 Star Saddle Pad is made to drop down below the rigging of a treeless saddle. The new and redesigned treeless pad has no gullet hole and continues the contour up and over the wither area. The spine is closed and disperses pressure away from pressure points. The 100% pure wool felt wicks away moisture, cleans up easily and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. Hand-made in the USA!

Pad Specifications:

  • Skirt Choice:  38" Wide x 27.5" Long 
  • Colors: Natural, Black, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, and Burgundy
  • Thickness: 7/8", 1"

What Makes 5 Star Pads Unique?

  • French Curve and Wither Slope. Special attention is given to wither height, back line variance and hip placement which results in a great fitting saddle pad that conforms to the shape of your horse or mule.
  • 100% Virgin Wool Construction – The absolute best protection for your horse’s back-  100% pure virgin wool pads have 4x greater absorption and wicking ability than other pads.
  • Variety of Thicknesses. Most pad manufacturers offer only 1 thickness – usually 3/4″ – but with 5 Star you can choose from 3/4″, 7/8″, or 1″ – a pad for every riders needs.
  • Hand-Made in the USA  Designed and crafted by the good people at 5Star Equine Products in Hatfield Arkansas. 5 Star uses only the finest materials to create products they are proud to sell and that you will always be proud to use.


Helpful Tip: Regarding pad thicknesses: the 1/2” pad does not give a horse enough protection by itself. The 1/2” pad should be used with a decorative pad over it. Otherwise, we suggest using the 3/4” or the 7/8” pad for daily riding.