The Mountain Packer: 5 Star Saddle Pads

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This is a large saddle pad measuring 43″W x 33 1/2″L.  The 5 Star Mountain Pack Saddle Pad is 1″ thick and is available in both the mule and horse contour. Contoured with full length wear leathers to accommodate a packer outfit while providing protection and durability. The gullet hole is open and has a leather flap over it to prevent twigs and debris from falling into it and working under the pad. 5 Star’s mountain pack saddle pads are made to endure hard use. They were designed to provide pressure point relief, even heat and weight distribution and impact absorption. The thick 100% wool (90% pure virgin wool) felt wicks away moisture and cleans up easily. These pads help stabilize your pack saddle with limited cinching. 

Five Star saddle pads are contoured to fit the shape of your pack horse or your pack mule from day one; there is very little or no breaking-in with these pads. They provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort.