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Handmade by Jeremiah Watt, the Arena Classic Bits are a prime example of function and beauty. The cheek pieces are made of surgical stainless steel and are available with your choice of mouthpiece. These cheek designs evoke a time in old west history when class and style were of paramount importance. These cheek designs lend strongly from the best of the old bit-makers of California from days gone by. Ranchers, buckaroos and common cowhands of the great plains are all using our horse bits and strongly endorse them A maker of fine handmade gear for horsemen Jeremiah Watt Products, also know by the initials of JWP, are made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Cheeks AC100, AC200 and AC 500 can have mouthpieces 1-19.  Cheek AC 1400 can have mouthpieces 1-21. All other cheeks can have mouthpieces 1-30. 

Arena Classic Cheek Pieces:

  • AC #100: This cheek is 6.0 long and makes a great transition cheek, loose rein ring bottom. This cheek also offers the option of a concho.
  • AC #200: This new cheek, is artistic and functional being only 6.0" long, has a solid rein ring at the bottom. Makes a splendid transitional cheek or used with a solid mouth as an all day using type bit on older horses.
  • AC #300: Jeremiah Watt's newest 2018 cheek piece. Based on a very classic design and with our addition of the unique beads on the side it is sure to be a hit!! Available in all mouthpieces.
  • AC #400: This cheek is referred to as the "Santa Barbara" as it's design derives from the classic Santa Barbara bits of old. Comes complete with slobber bar. Total cheek length is 7 1/4 inches. This AC#400 has been modified slightly to make it look even more refined and is still very popular.
  • AC #500: This is our NEW Shorty cheek, this cheek measures only 5.0 long.
  • AC #600: This cheek is 8 inches in length, ornately decorated. you can add a concho of your choice to the cheek-.
  • AC #700: JWP's Mardueno that has replaced the old #700. Beautiful cheek with many mouthpieces. the cheek is 7.5" long and it suits those Spade mouths of every hieght.
  • AC #800: This cheek design is been described as unique by many and nowhere will you find it duplicated. This bit feels very responsive in the hand, lightweight and you will just love it. Total length is 7 inches. Available with all mouthpieces with or without a cricket. Also available with a concho.
  • AC #900: The Freno cheek is 7 5/8th long and offers the customer a great feel and classic look. Compatible with many of our mouths.
  • AC #1000:  Great cheek for those who want a lighter cheek, only 7.25 long, this offers great feel.
  • AC #1100: Styled after those old US Cavalry cheeks, measuring 7 and 7/8th long. This cheek offers you a chance to add a concho.
  • AC #1200: JWP's longest Santa Barbara cheek pattern, measuring 8.0" length. This cheek also offers you a chance to add a concho.
  • AC #1300: many folks know style as a Nevada Cheek and we have often called it the Salinas Cheek. No matter the name, this single cheek style is one of the most popular among horsemen. The cheek has a delicate Ivy Vine pattern running down its 7.5" length.
  • AC #1400: Built for split reins. This cheek is 6 7/8 long. Cheek has a solid tear drop style rein ring at the bottom. You can combine a concho of your choice
  • AC #1500: Santa Barbara cheek which measures at 7 3/4" length. The biggest difference is that on this cheek we moved the mouth up towards the top ring so that the mouth moves slower. This is one of those cheeks that many horsemen will get along with because by design it is more forgiving. We combined the classic lines of the Santa Barbara with plenty of stainless beads and a Moorish Star as a focal point.

Arena Classic Mouth Pieces - All bits are 5" wide:

  • #1: Floating Port Snaffle mouth: port is 1.5" tall
  • #2: Dog Bone Snaffle
  • #3: Snaffle mouth
  • #4: Strait Billy Allen mouth
  • #5: Mona Lisa mouth: port is 2.125 tall: hooded and has a cricket behind the hood
  • #6 Phat Halfbreed mouth, port is 2" tall with a cricket
  • #7: Traditional Halfbreed mouth: narrow port is 2.25" tall with a roller
  • #9: hinged high port mouth: 2" tall
  • #10lp : Low Port Correction: 1.0" port, clean smooth movement and show ring legal
  • #10hp : High Port Correction: offers almost 2" port and show ring legal
  • #11: Frog mouth: this is the most popular mouth we offer because it suits so many horses, it offers 1.5" height.
  • #12: Medium Port: offers 1.5" height
  • #13: Low Port mouth: offers 1.0" height: 2.25" port width
  • #15: High Port Spooned mouth, offers 2.0" height
  • #16: San Joaquin mouth: hooded with a cricket: offers approx. 2.25 height
  • #17: US Wide Halfbreed mouth: offers 2.0 height: hooded with a cricket
  • #18: Floral Port mouth, offers 1.75" height
  • #21: El Segundo mouth: offers 2.00 height, copper rollers and a cricket for plenty of feel and sound

Arena Classic Spade Pieces - All spades are 5 1/4" wide:

  • THE #22-VAQUERO SPADE -2.5" TALL" - offers the horseman 2.5" inches of height similar to a half breed, but with the effect of a very small spoon top complete with floral hood in place, a small amount of tongue relief as well. Behind that hood lies two large diameter copper rollers, and a cricket.
  • THE #23-SPOON SPADE -2.75" TALL" Spoon Spade mouth measures at 2 7/8th inch tall.
  • #24-SPANISH SPADE -3.00 TALL", - Classic configuration for the California Spade Bit. The top of the Spade takes on the shape of a guitar body, the tallest end of the spade top is a narrower width so it can rotate into the actual palate. This is the lower version of our Spanish Spade, measuring at 3" tall, as the green line indicates. The JWP Spanish Spade has copper wrapped braces set behind the mouth, the Spade top is adorned with ornate designs. mouth.
  • .5" TALL SPANISH SPADE -The tallest offering in the Spanish Spade mouth,  comes in at 3 1/2 inch tall as the green line shows you clearly.
  • #26 SPADE MOUTH - Named after one of California's leading bit makers, the late Abbey Hunt. Measuring 3.5" tall.
  • #27 HUNT SPADE 3 3/4 TALL - Also named after Abbey Hunt. JWP decorated the tops so that they match the cheeks. The hot struck design stands out among all the plain faced cousins out there today. This Spade comes in at 3.75 " height. Each of the Abbey Spades have a roller top on the end of the Spade. Heavy copper wire wrapped braces add feel and signal to a great mouth design.
  • #28-29-30 SMOOTH SPADES - The smooth spades come in 3.0", 3.5" and 4.0" height. This is JWP's tallest Spade and combines well with any of the AC cheeks with a slobber bar bottom.


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    Ac100/Billy Allen mouth piece

    Posted by Kevin on Apr 23rd 2020

    Quality bit at a reasonable price. My horse performs well and is comfortable with this bit