What Our Customers Think About Bitterroot Saddle Company:


ronwagner.jpgShe is so excited with this new saddle she is in a show off mood!! Ron

Well, I have three rides on this new saddle you made me and I think I can give you some feedback. the saddle, in it’s entirety, is beyond my expectations!  It is everything you said it would be and more.

It started when you and Julie came to my horse and fit her with a tree that she needed due to her foundation Quarter horse build. the rigging was set “a little south of 7/8th”, the seat was made for me at 15 3/4 ” and you do something in hanging the stirrups that worked great for my balance.

The quality of the leather and hardware you use just stands out from any other saddle I have had.  The finish on the saddle is amazing.  My second ride on it  felt like I had been in this rig for years, meaning no break-in time required!

The help I got over the phone through the process was great.  Julie had a lot of patience with me and my many questions.  All in all, I could not be more pleased with Bitterroot Saddle Company!  Thanks you guys for doing what you do !!

Ron Wagner


You never cease to amaze me…. I’ve turned that saddle inside out looking for holes in your work so I can be sure you are Human…Seriously.. my hats off to you and your march toward perfection in a Trade and Skill that you have turned into Art… I think u topped the last saddle you built for me. I hope it rides as good as it looks cause it don’t get any better than that rig you just built me. I wanna get started asap on my light weight saddle… However I have changed my mind about taking it to Canada… I want one to put here in my barn and ride out here in the Unitas on my favorite ranch horse hunting Mule deer and Cats. I will get that check in the mail in the morning, next day air..I really do hope u understand how much I look forward to getting that saddle that you have hand built just for me… I have ordered automobiles that were upwards of 100K and they don’t do anything for me… But that saddle is still sitting in my front room on the banister. Anyone that breaks the seal of my front door sees it and admires your work… I have to tell ya thou… my favorite part is the smell of smoke on that new leather… I know that may sound kinda crazy but hey, I’m not your normal guy…..kinda weird I guess but I’m buying saddles from BOB as long as you will make them… GOD SPEED and I will give ya shout on the phone in the AM..

Ashley Woolstenhulme


I rang Bob trying to find someone to help me, an English rider, try to find a Saddle Pad for a very special cowboy friend who ranches out on the West Coast. Being English I was a bit clueless as to what would be best and not only did Bob source and talk me through the options, fitting the Pad to the lifestyle of my friend but we also spent a lot of time getting the wording and badge embroidery to go on the Pad just right. Bob was so very patient with me and totally understood what I was trying to do and say with the Pad and the end result was just fantastic. My friend was so pleased with the Pad, as was I and Bob, you have made a very dear cowboy and an English gal very very happy. I hope to be back West very soon and would not hesitate to call and recommend Bob for any of my horses tack and pads needs in the future, great personal service and very much appreciated.
Huge Thanks,


When it comes to purchasing things online, I have to say that Bob has gone above and beyond on the customer service. Very friendly email after placing the order was a nice surprise.

He made sure my order got shipped in the most time efficient, and economical way possible. I was updated on every step of the order via email that was written by Bob himself rather than generated by the shipping software. I was very pleased with the shopping experience, and sure will purchase from BSC again.
Thank You again Bob.
Agata Reist

Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for your honesty , hard work, and the cost of getting the pad order straightened out that was the computer’s fault, and in a very timely manner. You bore all the cost and in fact didn’t make a dime on the transaction. The next time I need something, saddle or pad, I will be giving you a call for sure!
Thanks again to a great person!
James Weese

I’m sitting here in a cold North Idaho winter storm, looking outside at two fuzzy paints. Last year I called you about a saddle pad. I had ordered one from you, standard size & it didn’t work for my compact paint, but did for my husbands’ larger, taller boy. You were SO helpful & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. After me sending you pictures of my guy, you suggested a “trail saddle” 5 star & asked for feedback on it. Well…. I am sure poor at feedback..sorry.

I put it on first at a cow clinic as my first one was wet, hoping it was right. I used it all day, then the next, and it was a great fit! I used it through 2 more clinics last summer, then my discretionary money was gone. But…. we trail ride & trail ride & do it some more.  Thank you again for your expertise, but more for your time & energy. Oh.. I almost forgot that it didn’t get shipped right away and I ended up calling you & however you did it, you got it to me on time. The day before the clinic. Thanks so much!
You know a saddle pad isn’t in the same price range as one of your nice saddles, but you gave me just as much “service.” I appreciate that & have shared this with others. You talked about making a “production type” saddle, or something like that. Remember me if you ever do! Your saddles are lovely & I bit they fit as well as they look. If you ever have a used one that’ll fit a small stocky paint, give me a call.

I’ll try to attach a picture of Tug & I, but am NOT a wiz at that, so just know I tried.

Carmen Lorenz, St. Maries, Idaho


I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciated the time you took last Saturday afternoon with Shawn Barrong and myself. When someone really impresses me I have often thought I would let them know what it meant, but usually get busy and never get around to it.

You are an amazing man and have developed an amazing reputation for excelling at your Saddle making trade and treating people right. As I listened to you talk a little about your life, I was so impressed that after the adversity you experienced in the Viet Nam War and the successive operations you have had to endure, you have become such a success. Most people in your situation would have given up on a career and been content to live out their lives with the excuse that they were a victim of war and couldn’t excel at anything. Thank you so much for serving in the military and protecting our freedoms that many of us take for granted!

I have been a Financial Advisor for 28 years and just got involved with horses and mules for trail riding in the last 2 years. I have much to learn and your hour and a half of information was truly very valuable information on saddle fitting. As busy as you are, you could have easily brushed us off and yet you tried so hard to work out a solution for your customer. Now I know why you have a long waiting time for your saddles, because you are such a rare business man in the culture we live in today.

Thanks again so much for the opportunity to meet you and Julie. Please stay healthy as you have a product that is in high demand! Part of staying healthy is to take a little time off and enjoy your success so don’t neglect that either.

Larry Carrell, President – Retirement Plans, Inc

Over the last fifteen years I’ve ridden two saddles that Bob has built for me. The quality, craftsmanship and functionality of these rigs is second to none.

Brad Hobson
Ranch Manager – The Stock Farm


Hey Bob, Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate my new saddle and all the effort you put into making sure it fit my horses. I’ve made several 20 mile rides already and my mares are moving out really well. What was amazing to me was the 11 hour cattle drive I did and I wasn’t even sore the next day, thanks, Bob.
John Spaeth,
Phillipsburg, Mt.

dirk.jpgDear Bob,

I received the pad yesterday. Everything is perfectly fine: it looks great, fits perfect and -most important- my horse loves it !!!
Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Dirk Dietrich,
Freiburg, Germany

We have ridden Bitterroot Mountain Saddles on both our horses and our mules for the past fourteen years. Our riding has included lots of day rides, several clinics and many weeks of pack trips in the Bitterroot-Selway and Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. The saddles have been a constant source of pleasure. They are durable, comfortable for both us and our animals, lightweight and totally functional. It is also like riding a work of art, which is kind of nice.

Thanks again for the great work!

Jim and Carol Hansen – Hamilton, MT

The saddle is truly beautiful and my horses really like it. The horse that I ride the most has noticeably lengthened his stride since the Orthoflex came off and your saddle went on. Our winter has been very mild so I have had more opportunity to ride then usual. My thanks for working with me to make the right choices. If you are ever asked for a reference feel free to use my name

Howard Parker – Moscow, ID


I went on a ride yesterday in the hills west of Kalispell. We were riding for almost two hours and covered a lot of ground, some of it going through snow fields. We also dismounted several times during the ride to pick morels which were all over the hills.

I want you to know that the saddle got more and more comfortable and by the end of the ride was the most comfortable saddle I have ridden. Also my balance improved dramatically and I was able to really relax my lower back for the first time to move with the horse. When we returned to the arena, after riding over hill and dale and mounting and dismounting several times I was dumfounded. I always check the cinch during rides but when we got back the cinch had become a little loose with use. A cinch that loose on my other saddles, and I would be playing with a shifting saddle. Your saddle stayed dead nuts on Spot’s back (who does not have withers, too much of a bulldog quarter horse) and never gave an indication of a loosening cinch.

After taking the saddle off I checked the sweat pattern along with Owen (trainer) and the pattern was perfect. The area on the side of the withers where the old white hair rubs were were completely wet. There was no dry area at all under the saddle.

Thank you for such a great saddle.

Now I have to convince Mary I could use one of your half breed mountain saddles with custom saddle bags too!

Tom Fitzsimon
Condon, MT

I first visited Bob’s web site looking for the self contouring 5 Star saddle pad. There aren’t that many places that feature it, but Bob’s site not only had it, but also gave me lots of options for color and size. His prices on 5 Star pads are about the most reasonable I’ve seen.

When I had to change the thickness of the saddle pad at the last minute, Bob was very helpful and got the order changed with 5 Star in the nick of time. He’s provided wonderful customer service throughout and I can’t wait to get my new saddle pad.

I’ve bookmarked for future orders and will definitely refer friends! Thank you, Bob!!


I purchased an absolutely beautiful pair of stirrups. They arrived in only 3 days. Thank you so much for the speedy service and fabulous product. I love, love, love them.

Lori McClelland

What can I say that hasn’t been already said here? As Bob worked with me trying to get exactly what I wanted, I would have thought that I was his first and only customer… He showed appreciation for me as a customer. even though my order was relatively small. He apologized for his website, which is lovely. He apologized for the time my order was taking, which wasn’t long at all. Bob is a quality person, who carries quality USA made products. I love my 5 Star saddle pad and my Jeremiah Watt bit. Someday maybe I’ll even be able to get one of his saddles! Thanks, Bitterroot!

Tina, from Mt. Hood OR