Stainless Steel Horsemanship Flag

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Shaft is composed of stainless steel and is 47” long. Handle is composed of resin. 

Horsemanship flags have been used for years by top horsemen like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.  Bitterroot Saddle Co and Double Diamond Halter Co. are proud to sell both light weight composite shaft and the heavier, more durable stainless steel shaft.

The flag material is made of rip-stop nylon is secured to the shaft with a reinforced grommet and measures 18” x 18”. They are available in a variety of colors. Please ask for color choices when ordering.


The composite fiberglass shaft is 44" long and is highly durable, weather resistant, lightweight and well balanced with a metal tip. The rubber golf-style handles have a comfortable grip which will not be compromised by sweat or rain.

Our Stainless steel shaft is 45” with a Delron handle. The grooved and knurled handle will not slip in your hand and the Stainless steel shaft is sturdy and will not rust, offering years of use. Heavier than the composite shaft it is a must for the full time horseman.