Composite Horsemanship Flag


Regularly $77.   Horsemanship flags are used to direct a horse to move or change directions whether you are on the ground or on his back. When you wave the flag, the horse moves away from it. This is especially helpful when you have a horse who has become dull to your leg cues. A person skilled in it’s use can direct a horse’s movements in a very precise manner. It is not intended as a tool to discipline a horse but rather to communicate with him in a way he can understand.

The shaft is composed of a premium composite fiberglass with a multi-layer epoxy coating. It is highly durable, weather resistant and is incredibly lightweight and well balanced. At 44”, the shaft is long enough to expose your horse to the movement and feel of the flag from a safe distance.

The flag material is composed of a poly coated, rip-stop nylon secured to the shaft with a reinforced grommet and measures 18” x 18”. They are available in a variety of colors.