Treeless No Gullet Hole/Split Back Saddle Pad

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Feel The Difference With 5 Star Pads. Measures 38"W x 28"L

This Treeless 5 Star pad combats the typical “roll” that many riders experience in a treeless saddle. An open back line allows the pad to contour to the horses back in a concave shape providing less opportunity for the saddle to roll side to side.Longer wear leathers protect your horse from dropped rigging keeping him more comfortable and fitting properly.

What Makes 5 Star Pads Unique?

  • French Curve and Wither Slope. Special attention is given to wither height, back line variance and hip placement which results in a great fitting saddle pad that conforms to the shape of your horse or mule.
  • 100% Virgin Wool Construction – The absolute best protection for your horse’s back-  100% pure virgin wool pads have 4x greater absorption and wicking ability than other pads.
  • Variety of Thicknesses. Most pad manufacturers offer only 1 thickness – usually 3/4″ – but with 5 Star you can choose from 3/4″, 7/8″, or 1″ – a pad for every riders needs.
  • Hand-Made in the USA  Designed and crafted by the good people at 5Star Equine Products in Hatfield Arkansas. 5 Star uses only the finest materials to create products they are proud to sell and that you will always be proud to use.


Helpful Tip: Regarding pad thicknesses: the 1/2” pad does not give a horse enough protection by itself. The 1/2” pad should be used with a decorative pad over it. Otherwise, we suggest using the 3/4” or the 7/8” pad for daily riding.