Saddle Strings


Replacement saddle strings made from finest top quality American tanned latigo, hand edged. Great for attaching supplies to saddles. Strong and supple.  Includes: 2) 2' long x 1/2" wide.   2) 5' long x 1/2" wide.  2) 6' long  x 1/2" wide.

How To Attach The Saddle Strings:

1. Run the saddle string through the attachment point (dee ring, O ring, concho slots). Fold the string in half; there should be equal lengths on either side of the attachment point.

2. Cut slits into the saddle string on either side of the attachment point. They should be close to the attachment point. Make the slits the same length as the string width (ie: cut 1/2” long slits in a saddle string that is 1/2” wide).

3. Run the top half of the string through the slit on the bottom half and pull tight. The rough side of the string should now be on top. It may be difficult to get it started; flat nose or needle nose pliers may help.

4. Run the half of the string that is now on top through the remaining slit.

5. Pull tight. You should now have the smooth side of the leather back on top.