Monel Western Stirrups - Lined And Blocked, 1 Pair

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Our western stirrups are hand made in the USA.  Available in  3", 4" or 5" tread depth and in Regular, Oversize or Overshoe widths. Your choice of metal wrapping: brass, copper, or stainless steel.

Lined with 13 oz. top grain or rough-out leather, glued and nailed with stainless steel nails. The addition of the hardwood block at the back edge of the stirrup provides added security. Monels.

* We always recommend correctly fitted, pull on style Western boots with with an adequate riding heel for safety.

  1. Made by hand in the US by people that know Western Saddle equipment and how it is used, superior materials.

  2. The block is an aide to keep from 'losing' a stirrup, used mostly by experienced riders that wear quality boots.

  3. The wedge compensates for the angle of the foot of the mounted rider giving a feeling of having even pressure on the tread of the stirrup. This modification can significantly improve rider comfort and stability.

  4. Lining the stirrup gives a more finished appearance and a smoother wear surface for the boot. It can be eliminated for a rider that needs the maximum amount of width.

  5. Our stirrup bars fit the standard 3" stirrup leathers, a minority of leathers are 2 1/2" wide-our stirrups can be modified to fit those as well.

  6. Hermann Oak Leather Co. of St. Louis, MO is a premium US tannery, known and respected for saddlery leather.

  7. Visalia vs. Bell: there is a subtle difference in shape between the two when viewed from the side: Visalias have a tapered, straight side, Bells have a curved, bell-like shape.

  8. Our suppliers are the best in their field, Nettles of Texas produces the finest wood stirrups we've ever seen, Trina Weber from Caldwell ID has covered those same stirrup blanks for as long as we've built western saddles (0ver 30 years). Their combined skill and experience is second to none.