Horseman's Knife

Horseman's Knife

It takes only seconds of being entangled in a rope for tragedy to occur. A lifetime of working with livestock has taught me that having a sharp knife on your belt could be the difference between life and death or serious injury for you or your horse.

Our horseman’s knife is made right here in the Bitterroot Valley by Lou Morris, the same craftsman that produces our hoof picks. The blade is ATS34 stainless steel with Rockwell hardness of 60-61 for superior edge holding. The curved blade is designed to ‘hunt’ and hold the rope to be cut, making the job quick and efficient. The handle is shaped from virtually indestructible acrylic stabilized boxelder wood; mosaic pins give a beautiful finished look. The sheath, also made by Lou, is designed to wear comfortably while riding or for everyday use.

Drop Point Knife

Blade length- 2 ¾”. Overall length- 6 3/8”.

Straight Knife

Blade length-3”. Overall length- 7”.