Rear Cinches: Are They Necessary?

Posted by Bob Trezona on Jun 4th 2017

View of a rear cinch that is improperly used. This could be dangerousWell if this review turns out anything like this day has gone I wouldn’t really want to read a whole bunch more from me but lets … read more

Getting Out Of Bed

Posted by Bob Trezona on Jun 4th 2017

I ended the last post with me laying in bed thinking about how I was going to get out of the horseshoeing business and kind of start my life over just a bit. Like all people I was having all kinds … read more

From Start To Finish

Feb 15th 2014

Since this is my first post on our new renamed blog, Saddle Makers Insights, I wanted to take the time and introduce my self to what I hope turns out to be a lot of followers. My name is Bob Trezo … read more