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The First Step

Well here it is a week later and if I’m going to keep my word to you folks and my Web Master so I need to get another post started. I figure you might be a bit forgiving if I’m a little late but my Web Master is a different story. More about her later. Like [...]

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Rear Cinches, Part 2: The Rest Of The Story

Well you can see how good my word is about finishing the story in a couple of days. I always have such good intentions but building custom saddles always gets in the way. What caused the two grooves in your hardwood floor under the rockers on you chair was caused by anchoring the front of [...]

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Rear Cinches: Are They Necessary?

View of a rear cinch that is improperly used. This could be dangerousWell if this review turns out anything like this day has gone I wouldn’t really want to read a whole bunch more from me but lets give it a try and see if we can’t at least get you to think a [...]

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Getting Out Of Bed

I ended the last post with me laying in bed thinking about how I was going to get out of the horseshoeing business and kind of start my life over just a bit. Like all people I was having all kinds of problems with life, I was doing my best to hide all of them [...]

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From Start To Finish

Since this is my first post on our new renamed blog, Saddle Makers Insights, I wanted to take the time and introduce my self to what I hope turns out to be a lot of followers. My name is Bob Trezona, I’m 66 years old, I’m from Hamilton, MT. and I’ve been building saddles for [...]

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