Bitterroot Mountain Saddle

Starts At $5000 - Call Bob at 406-961-3978 to Order

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Lightweight Trail Saddle – Custom Built To Order. Call Bob at 406-961-3978    

The Bitterroot Mountain saddle design comes primarily from my experience as an outfitter and packer in the rugged northeastern corner of Oregon and the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. A horseman in those environments doesn’t require the weight and bulk of a roping saddle. Convenience and agility are more in order.

Essential, of course, is the best rawhide covered wood tree with the most up-to-date bar design choices. Others may disagree, but I’ve never seen this construction seriously challenged. Natural materials; wood, rawhide, leather and wool, work best with living, feeling bodies, both horse and human. Parts of the tree are left partially exposed to reduce weight. These areas are protected with 2 coats of marine spar varnish which also enhances the natural color.

The ground seat is the same customer pleasing shape that we hand build into our traditional full covered saddles. The skirts, with their strong, bulk free rigging are of particular interest; each bar is individually covered like a foot in a shoe. The result is a skirt of pleasing but minimalist design with a clear air channel from front to back. 

With the Bitterroot Mountain Saddle we applied the best of our experience and ability to exemplify the principle of form follows function. This saddle is light (under 30 pounds depending upon seat size), comfortable for both horse and rider and created specifically for the demands of horsemen and women who want a saddle that is both practical and beautiful.

Average weight of this saddle is 30lbs. Saddle weight can differ from what is listed because of fender length, seat size and the different weights of the tree's. There is no way that we can compete with the fabric saddles or the injected plastic tree saddles but our saddles will fit your horse much better which will give you much better performance from your horse and a much happier horse.

~ $5000 Base Price Includes ~

•Custom made rawhide covered wood tree
• High quality stainless steel hardware
•#1 Hermann Oak skirting leather
• Genuine wool skin lining
• Small fitted skirts with in-skirt rigging
• Full fork cover
• Partial cantle back •1 3/4″ tugs and 3 1/2″ rear cinch
• Top grain leather, rough out or half-breed
• Mule hide horn wrap
• Latigos
• Rawhide stirrups with leather treads or leather lined monel stirrups
• All saddles and accessories sewn with brown thread *

*Please note, we use the finest quality materials available to us, however, the finish on the nickel-plated copper nails used will tend to rub off over time.